A large clear display gives you all the information you need to enjoy listening to baby.


32(Depth) x 85(Width) x
138(Height) mm

45*25mm LCD display

290±5g (including battery)

Temperature: +5ºC~+40ºC
Humidity: 80%
Atmospheric Pressure: 86kPa(106kPa
Display: 25mm LCD display

Temperature: -10ºC~+55ºC
Humidity: 93%
Atmospheric Pressure: 86kPa (106kPa

Measuring Range: 60~210BPM
Resolution: 1BPM
Accuracy: ±3BPM
Audio Output Power: 0.5W
Battery type: 9 volt DC alkaline
Battery life: exceeds 250 min
Ultrasound frequency: 2.0MHz ± 10%
Ultrasonic maximum output: <15mW
Mode: Continuous wave Doppler
Effective Area: 245mm2±15%

BabySonic is a fetal ultrasound Doppler. The first fetal Doppler was invented by noted physician Dr. Edward H. Hon in 1958 as a non-intrusive listening device using the echo of ultrasound waves to pick-up baby's heartbeat.

The eponymous 'Doppler' derives from the Austrian physicist, Christiaan Doppler, whose 1845 discovery of the peculiarities of moving sound is now called the 'Doppler effect'.

The BabySonic utlilises this 'Doppler effect' to detect the baby's heartbeat to alow expectant mothers to listen to and share the wonder of pregnancy with their family and friends. Even older siblings can get to join in and start to develop that all-important bond with the newest member of the family.


BabySonic uses the very latest technology:

the finest quality half-circular crystals, for transmitting and recieving sound;

• an 'active scan' LCD mode giving 'real time' fetal heartbeat;

• cross-zero algorithms to deliver a stable fetal heartbeat rate readout;

• triple Fetal Heart Rate (FHR) authentication, giving the user alternative interactive options for confirming the truest heartbeat readout.

The BabySonic Ultrasound Doppler has a large clear LCD screen displaying your baby's heart rate, the mode selected, the type of probe, a battery level indicator and whether BabySonic is recording or playing.

There are just 3 buttons:

• A
power button which puts BabySonic on stand-by, waiting for the probe to be put into position or allow you to select another mode. After 1-minute of no signal the BabySonic turns off.

• A
start/stop button for manual mode 3.

• A
mode select button to select the mode you require, it will enter mode 1 automatically after self-testing. Pressing the button again will switch to mode 2, then mode 3.

A volume dial allows you adjust the sound to your needs.

On the top is an earphone socket for the high quality necklace earphones that come with BabySonic, or you could connect to a recording device, PC or laptop.


Power on by pressing the power button. After self-testing, the LCD will display as indicated at above left. Depending on which trimester you are in, you may be able to feel the position of the fetus by hand. After trying to find the best direction to hear baby's heart, apply a liberal amount of BabySonic gel to the end of the probe, place the end of the probe in the position for detecting baby's heart. Adjust the probe to obtain a good signal by angling the probe around. Adjust the volume according to requirements. You can alternatively chose modes 2-3, or a combination of all modes to ensure the truest heartbeat readout.

Mode 1 is the 'active scan' mode giving you a real-time display readout. When BabySonic's 'active scan' detects baby's heartbeat, the LCD will display the flashing heart symbol, and display baby's heartbeat simultaneously.

Mode 2 is the 'auto calc' mode giving an averaged display mode, used to obtain a more stable heart rate reading. In this mode heartbeat is averaged to 8 beats. The LCD displays the flashing heart symbol when displaying heartbeat.

Mode 3 is a 'manual' mode. Press START/STOP button once and immediately count the audible beats, counting the first beat as the button is pressed. The LCD displays the flashing heart symbol and the heartbeat reading is shown as three dashes. Press the START/ STOP button again immediately on the count of 10 (i.e. after nine beat intervals). The unit will then automatically calculate the derived heartbeat averaged over the 10 beat period and display the result. This rate value is retained until the measurement is repeated or the mode is changed.
BabySonic is the safe and easy-to-use Utrasound Doppler for personal use.

Just switch on unclip the probe and listen to baby's heartbeat.

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